Whether you want to develop an app for business process or you want to have a highly rated app to to engage customers.

We’re here to help.

BiPlus is an Agile software company developing high-quality and cost-effective softwares. Since 2017, we have been providing software outsourcing and IT services to various customers in telecommunication, fintech, banking, SMEs and start-ups in Vietnam and over the world. Our customers are large corporations from the Telecom 150 list and Global 2000.

What our partners receive

Free proposal, mock up and prototyping.

Deliver 1st increment (usable functions) in 2-4 weeks

Offer demos for the products in our portfolio/ domains.

Free 1st sprint deliverables.

Giveaway UI/UX package.

Competitive price.

What We Can Help

Create Breakthrough Solutions

Web & Mobile App Development

Accelerate Time-to-market

Manage & Reduce Expenses

Design Smart Applications

Exclude Security Risks & Compliance Issues

Product Development Process
Our Techstacks
tech stack
BiPlus’s Certification
What Business
Leaders Say
About BiPlus
"BiPlus addressed all of our needs throughout and after the project. Whatever the problem is, they have someone who can address it.”

“We are very impressed with the delivery speed of biplus right from the first sprint”.

"We do not have a client-providers relationship, we have partnership instead".

Have a Project Idea in Mind?
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