What we do
We provide an efficient, cost-effective and expert solution for meeting different customers demands.
Custom Software
We design intuitive front-end interfaces and develop
robust back-end technology - ensuring all pieces
seamlessly come together into a software that perfectly
fits your business.
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IT Personnel
We provides the flexible workforce solutions you need to scale as your business grows. We'll match you with pre-vetted professionals so you can focus on core operations, not recruitment and HR details.
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Software Maintenance
& Migration
Our experts upgrade, optimize and transition your systems - ensuring continued value from your tech investments. We'll smooth over bumps and guide changes so you will face minimum disruption.
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Atlassian Products
& Services
We provide comprehensive Atlassian services: handle licensing needs, tailor solutions, migrate to the cloud, training, consulting. We aim to meet evolving requirements as your business advances.
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SAFe Training
& Consulting
We help enterprizes and organizations implement SAFe® by vertically integrating the entire IT value chain with a combination of Business Strategy and Agile Delivery.
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AI Tailored
Explore the full spectrum of our AI capabilities, from NLP, Computer Vision, GAN to Generative AI. We deliver tailored AI innovations to meet your unique needs.
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IT solutions for every industry
We successfully managed and deployed large-scale projects in
different domains. This made us experienced and skilled IT
service providers.
Modernize your legacy systems and employ cutting-edge technologies for digital transformation.
Finance & Banking
Streamline operations, strengthen security, and unlock valuable insights for a competitive edge.
E-Commerce & Retails
Enhance customer experience, optimize inventory management, and drive online profitable growth.
Logistics & Transportation
Streamline your operations, develop add-on services to help you deliver real-time visibility.
Build and personalize your LMS, mobile apps, adaptive learning platforms, and more.
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What's your industry? We can help you cover them all
We are trusted by enterprise clients
We have extensive experiences in working with enterprises & excellently
meet their stringent standards.
100+ Successfully delivered projects
See all case studies
SAP Hybris
BiPlus partnered with Samsung to integrate and optimize their worldwide e-commerce operations using SAP Hybris. We have successfully integrated with 34 international marketplaces in 10 countries, ensuring smooth processing of 5,000+ orders daily.
BiPlus partnered with Viettel to enhance their Billing & Customer Care system (BCCS). This allowed Viettel to optimize processes, meet the needs of up to 10,000 employee, 50+ million subscribers, and an average daily data access volume of 100-200 million.
Finance & Banking
Mobile App
BiPlus partnered with eMoney to redefine its digital wallet. With our help, the number of key features implemented increased 3X, from 25 to 120. Payment revenue in 2023 also saw a 20% increase compared to 2022.
Our commitment
We match ISO standards
  • Robust quality assurance processes.
  • Continuous security testing and compliance.
  • Mitigate risks and prevent project failures.
We follow Agile methodologies
  • Short iterations for rapid feedback.
  • Quick pivots to meet market demands.
  • Deliver more value faster.
We commit to bring
our customers satisfaction
  • 100% commitment to understanding your needs.
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.
  • Seamless collaboration for impactful solutions.
We ensure risk-free deployment
for any size project
  • Proven frameworks scale to your needs.
  • Financial transparency and accountability.
  • Optimize human resource utilization.
BiPlus helped us continually enhance our global ecommerce capabilities across 30+ country markets.
Ms Cindy Jeon
Senior Professional at Samsung

We follow
Agile methodologies
& ISO standards

Our ultimate goal is to ensure project's
efficiency and quality for you.

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