What is custom written software? Is it customized software?

What is custom written software? Is it customized software?

Computerizing management operations in businesses has a significant number of benefits that are beyond dispute. In computerizing management processes, custom written software is written specifically by and for an organization, company, or person as opposed to buying already written software. While most organizations use mass-produced purchased software, some organizations choose to write their software to cater to their specific needs. To understand the role of custom written software better as well as distinguish it from another form of software that can also be used in this process-customized software, please follow the article below.

What is custom written software?

Custom written software is software that is created for an organization, company, or person to meet their unique requirements, which already implements the necessary functions. The custom written software will be purchased already developed and we will have to adapt our company to that software.

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of custom written software is highly dependent on the nature of your organization and your needs. For instance, the pricing of an existing piece of software can appear to be extremely appealing, but you might discover that it changes significantly when you factor in the license fees for all the customers who will use it over the following three years. Additionally, you might discover that only approximately 40% of the capability offered is truly necessary, meaning that you’re paying for the creation of many capabilities that you’ll never use. In certain circumstances, custom written software is a viable option.

Users may have a poor user experience and be less productive when they can’t easily view many interface elements that don’t pertain to them during the software administration process. This problem might be avoided with custom written software because users would be able to access the functionality they want. With custom written software, you are the only one who decides on the development plan for new features, so you can get to set the priorities for any new areas that are constructed or adjustments.

custom written software

Benefits of Custom Written Software

The benefits of custom written software that we have collated are listed below to assist you in making up your decision if you are unsure whether to invest in a high-quality software product for your company.

Complete Customization

One of the most important advantages of tailor made software is in its name: it is fully customized. A direct line of contact between you and the developers is formed while using custom written software. You can tell them everything you want, and they will include it in the software product as per your request. You will have to pay for what you receive. Throughout the development process, you can ask them to make any adjustments that are required. The majority of development companies additionally give their clients the choice to eventually add more features to the software solution. So improved flexibility is yet another benefit of custom software development.

Worthwhile Investment With Long-Term Returns

Your new software product will involve investment, just like any other aspect of your company. Investing in software will increase business productivity and yield several benefits. Hire a pricey software developer who will take, at most, a few months to construct a new system tailored just for your business. Over time, these recurring license payments and useless spending will add up and reach a considerably higher total than perhaps the entire cost of the customized software. Bespoke software will not only be created to meet your demands (rather than the other way around), but it will also be your property, making it an upfront cost that you will only incur once.

Easy Adaption And Increased Compatibility

Instead of creating more issues for a firm, implementing new software should be simple and convenient. It would be great for the new system to be as close to the old one as possible if your employees are accustomed to using the old one, so they do not have a lot of trouble adjusting to the change. It is forbidden to interfere with their daily routine. By choosing to use custom written software, these issues can be readily solved. You can specify your needs so that your employees’ comfort is given priority. Then, everything may be handled by your bespoke software developers.

Implementation And Integration

The integration with other current systems frequently has a lot of issues. You can experience unanticipated difficulties resulting from incompatibility with outdated systems during the deployment phase. When it comes to custom written software solutions, you can let the developers know about your technical skills in terms of both hardware and software. After then, it is their responsibility to ensure that the implementation phase runs without a hitch. Your new program must provide smooth integration and take into account any additional tools you might utilize.

You won’t have to worry about the software being buggy if you choose a reputable software developer. Responsible developer will put their work through a rigorous testing process before releasing it to the public. The majority of development firms also conduct specific user testing sessions where the systems’ intended users—in this case, the individuals who make up your organization—are asked to test them out and make sure everything functions flawlessly.

Support And Maintenance

Let’s now discuss how support and maintenance are two major benefits of custom written software. First of all, any reputable company will give you ownership of the final product they build for you. Some companies have an internal IT team that takes over after the initial setup and continues to make any upgrades needed moving forward. They will provide routine upgrades and maintenance on your software product for a little price to ensure that your company continues to run properly. Many development firms additionally provide their clients with IT assistance. The developers will be happy to assist your staff if they are experiencing trouble using the program!


Every firm should have continuous long-term growth as one of its key priorities. Certain measures need to be taken to make sure that your software needs are met as you achieve business growth.

The majority of custom software developers make sure their products are constructed using technologies that facilitate growth. You may attain levels of scalability with a dependable resource that may not be feasible with commercial software. Additionally, you may include a clause in your contract that permits the developers to take certain actions if you encounter unexpected growth in the future.


Custom written software offers a deep and secure connection to the type of company the user chooses to utilize it for. Given that security is the key concern, the customized requirements make it possible for it to be a secure solution, with the developers serving as the first line of defense and keeping the source code as a closely guarded internal secret. Custom written software solutions ensure that the security of your system is never jeopardized by intricate dead ends by putting multiple coding contingencies in place. Virtually no vulnerability exists. Therefore, one of the most significant benefits of bespoke software development is enhanced security.

Competitive Advantage

Numerous organizations wind up employing the same software solutions since it is widely available and market-ready. How could you differentiate yourself if you were utilizing the same technique as your rivals? Custom written software incorporates distinctive elements to improve business operations in many ways. You can incorporate certain features into your program that are not provided by generic commercial software solutions. The ability to improve your business processes in ways that are not conceivable for your rival companies provides you a distinct advantage over them, even if this may not be one of the biggest benefits of custom software.

What is the difference between custom written and customized software?

We shall examine the eight factors of adaptation, training, optimization, involvement, time, cost, availability, and evolution while comparing the software that are given.

what is the difference between custom written and customized software

Customized Software Features

  • Adaptation: Since the computer specialists will create a design and then a precise development just for the organization, it will fit the company flawlessly.
  • Management training: Since it will be conducted through meetings with the specialists of the organization that will use it and will participate in its creation, the effort to learn how to administer the software will be minimal.
  • Optimization: It will be well-optimized, and unnecessary procedures won’t be used. 100% of the functionality will be used.
  • Involvement of managers: When it comes to testing and confirming that the software fits the previously agreed upon specifications, we will need to include the specialists from the company heavily. As a result, we will have a solution that is specifically tailored to our business. Additionally, for the growth to be better, these managers must offer ideas to computer professionals.
  • Implantation time: Depending on how hard the solution is to implement, the development period may be lengthy.
  • Cost: Custom software should mean that in the future fewer resources are needed in the organization to complete the management activities since it is better optimized than the generic software, therefore the overall cost will typically be cheaper. The cost of installation will be greater compared to commercial software.
  • Availability: Whenever a management process requires a solution, we may create one on demand.
  • Evolution: Custom software might change as business requirements change.

Custom Written Software Features

  • Adaptation: Since there must be a commercial program that performs these duties for the management process to be carried out, the adaption to the firm may not be as high as the bespoke software.
  • Management training: Since it will be a new piece of software for the company’s employees, there will be a significant investment in their training (and in whose development they have not participated)
  • Optimization: The optimization in most cases will be lower than in custom software although there may be solutions in which there is a high-quality custom written software
  • Involvement of managers: Because this tool has already been built, the experts who use it won’t need to be involved in its development.
  • Implantation time: The implantation period will be determined by the length of time required for professional training; nevertheless, there won’t be any development period when the application is being created.
  • Cost: Custom written software licenses are typically less expensive than hiring computer specialists, but since commercial tools are typically less optimized, they may end up costing more in the long term.
  • Availability: In some situations, there are no existing custom written solutions, and the only option is to employ a computer team to create bespoke software.
  • Evolution: The only way we will be able to evolve our custom written software is if the provider of net development services markets new modules that work with the updated management procedures.

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In general, we can conclude that if the levels of specialization and ongoing evolution of software development services are high, we will want custom software and custom written software if these levels are lower. A customized software will have to be implemented by computer experts (custom software development companies, analysts, and computer programmers). A custom written software will be purchased already developed to meet specific needs and we will have to adapt our company to that software.

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