How BiPlus Enhanced Viettel’s System to Boost Growth Across 10 Nations

How BiPlus Enhanced Viettel’s System to Boost Growth Across 10 Nations

As one of the top 15 fastest-growing telecommunications companies worldwide, Viettel continues expanding across 10 countries in Asia, the Americas, and Africa. To manage a vast amount of orders and customer data globally, they developed a Billing and Customer Care System (BCCS).

However, this 8-year-old system could no longer support Viettel’s ambitious business goals in an efficient, cost-effective manner because it started to require significant effort as well as expense to maintain.

Understanding that pressing issue, BiPlus partnered with Viettel to enhance the system, making it scalable and capable of new features. This allowed Viettel to optimize processes and provide seamless experiences – all critical to meeting business objectives.

The challenges of enhancing an 8-year-old system

Struggling with operational inefficiencies, poor user experiences, and high maintenance costs, Viettel urgently needed a comprehensive yet rapid upgrade. However, enhancing such a large, data-heavy system within a tight timeline had difficulties:

  • Intense involvement from various parties, with different needs, priorities, and perspectives.

  • Tight timeline and strict requirements on swift implementation to meet business goals.

  • A vast data volume coming from various sources to aggregate, analyze, and transform.

Viettel required a solution that could upgrade the system without slowing down and interrupting their business too much. Therefore, Agile would be the ideal approach to these challenges.

How we upgraded it with effective solutions

To address these needs, BiPlus implemented a comprehensive system upgrade by employing the Agile methodology and leveraging advanced technologies for continuous and efficient delivery.

Employ the Agile methodology to ensure the quality meets Viettel’s satisfaction


BiPlus adopted the agile methodology using 8 dedicated development teams of 50+ skilled developers. This approach prioritizes continuous interaction between Viettel and BiPlus, fast-tracking the feedback cycle to ensure the upgraded system would satisfy Viettel’s evolving business needs.

By implementing the Scrum framework, our teams broke complex problems into smaller, more manageable tasks. This not only helped our production teams solve problems easily and efficiently but also delivered high-quality products to Viettel. Furthermore, applying best practices from the past projects helped accelerate the process.

Use optimized technology stack to build a scalable and flexible system


To efficiently process vast data volumes, we employed several technologies including:

  • NoSQL: Integrate diverse data sources seamlessly.

  • Kafka: Streamline real-time integration for smooth data flows.

  • Redis: Optimize storage and retrieval of transient and real-time data.

This tech stack met Viettel’s data processing needs by ensuring scalability, flexibility and speed, allowing for continual upgrades and improvements without impacting system performance.

Utilize project management softwares for smooth communication

As an Atlassian Platinum Partner, we utilized our abundant practice in project management softwares. This allowed all teams to view tasks, comment and track work in real-time. This platform also kept stakeholders informed and engaged during the project.

Conduct recurring cohension meetings for timely updates

Regular alignment sessions helped ensure everyone stayed up-to-date and facilitated timely information sharing. This collaborative approach also kept milestones remaining on schedule.

New flexible system helps Viettel achieve seamless business operations across 10 countries

Viettel has successfully:

  • Maintained the BCCS 1.0 system for 10 countries where Viettel operates.

  • Upgraded to BCCS 3.0 system with a scalable architecture to meet the needs of up to 10 thousand employees and around 50 million subscribers.

  • Performed smooth data migration including approximately 50 million subscribers, 5-10 thousand employee users, and an average daily data access volume of 100-200 million.

  • Operated a sustainable system 24/7 with a downtime rate of less than 5 minutes per year.

By leveraging BiPlus’s extensive experience in designing scalable architectures and complex data migration projects, we successfully upgraded Viettel BCCS to a more flexible system.

The success of this collaboration demonstrated BiPlus’s capabilities in developing customized solutions to innovative industry leaders like Viettel.

Choose your trusted partner for unstoppable business growth

Our expertise helped Viettel optimize order management and customer data handling while a seamless user experience across borders. We proudly empowered Viettel’s successful international growth pursuit.

In this fast-paced world, technology plays an indispensable role in business growth.

Don’t let an outdated system cost you your competitive edge and drag down your business.

If you need upgraded infrastructure, streamlined operations or customized solutions, contact us to discuss further.

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