Top BPO companies in 2023: Which one is the best choice?

Top BPO companies in 2023: Which one is the best choice?

Are you looking to hire a BPO provider to handle your operations?

Specialized services are provided by BPO companies to support numerous non-core company operations. Data entry, call center operations, finance, market research, IT, and even HR functions are a few examples.

The meaning of “BPO,” or business process outsourcing, has actually been changing. BPO services today may also cover areas that call for in-depth knowledge, like custom software development, social media analytics, equity research, SEO, etc. These regions are also known as KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing).

You can save costs, save time, and streamline your business operations by outsourcing to a business process outsourcing provider. Additionally, you gain access to specialist competencies that would be challenging or prohibitively expensive to sustain internally.

But how can you choose the best BPO company when there are hundreds of them?

We’ve highlighted 19 of the most well-known BPO businesses in this article to assist you with that. Twenty further BPO companies have also been mentioned.

The Top 19 Business Process Outsourcing Companies

To assist you in getting started, below is a list of the top 19 BPO service companies. Many of these businesses provide services other than BPO, and the number of employees listed represents their entire workforce (including non-BPO operations.)

bpo companies

1. Accenture

Providing cutting-edge outsourcing services in consulting, digital technology, and business operations, Accenture is a top BPO provider of IT solutions and BPO. The business, which is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is present in more than 120 countries worldwide.

More than 450 000 people work there.

Major customers are the Fortune Global 100 companies.

Key BPO Services:

  • Finance and accounting services.
  • Purchasing and sourcing
  • Digital advertising
  • Supply chain administration
  • Insurance and medical care
  • Management of human resources

2. Triniter

Triniter has the highest client retention and repeat rates in the business, making them one of the best BPO outsourcing companies in the US. They offer services like customer care, back office assistance, automation, and artificial intelligence. Because they have the greatest customer satisfaction rating in the BPO sector, they occupy a special position.

Employees: over a thousand

Large clients include Fortune 500 companies.

Key BPO Services:

  • Customer service
  • Backoffice assistance
  • Managing insurance claims
  • Healthcare coding and billing
  • Technical assistance
  • Management of human resources
  • Internet advertising
  • Input of research and data

3. IBM

With its corporate headquarters in New York, IBM is an international American IT business. It provides top-notch business process services in sectors like automation, finance, human resources, and client happiness. With operations in more than 160 nations, IBM is present all over the world.

350,000+ employees are employed.

Major customers include Citibank, HP, Amazon, and PayPal.

Key BPO Services:

  • Purchasing products and finding suppliers
  • Handling of third-party risk
  • Identifying and developing talent
  • Property management
  • Optimization of predictive assets
  • Financial and consulting services

4. Cognizant

A US global corporation called Cognizant provides smart digital solutions for corporate operations, information technology, and consulting. The organization has multiple outsourcing hubs spread around Asia, Europe, and South America. It is headquartered in New Jersey, United States.

Over 290,000 people work there.

JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and AXA are significant clients.

Key BPO Services:

  • Risk evaluation of assets and wealth
  • Handling claims for insurance
  • Management of human resources
  • Healthcare coding and billing
  • Support from a call center
  • Cyclical management of revenue

5. Concentrix

Concentrix is a BPO service provider that offers a variety of sectors, including automotive, financial, healthcare, and e-commerce. Concentrix provides services to customers in more than 140 countries from its headquarters in California. To increase the scope of its customer interaction offerings, it even purchased Convergys, another third-party service provider.

220,000+ employees are employed.

Key BPO Services:

  • Managing insurance policies
  • Technical and customer support
  • Digital advertising
  • Filing of claims

6. Wipro

Wipro is the leading Indian supplier of IT, consulting, and other BPO services. The organization, which has its headquarters in Bangalore, India, provides assistance to companies in the banking, retail, travel, and other sectors.

150,000+ employees Major customers include Walmart, Philips, Best Buy, and HP.

Key BPO Services:

  • Infrastructure for clouds
  • Management of customer experience
  • Analytics in healthcare
  • Digital advertising
  • Purchasing and sourcing

7. Genpact

Global BPO service provider Genpact offers businesses AI-based digital solutions. The company has operations in more than 30 countries throughout the world with its headquarters office in New York. Business process management is supported by Genpact in sectors like finance, hotels, energy, and manufacturing.

85,000+ employees are employed.

Key BPO Services:

  • Handling claims for insurance
  • Solutions for the customer experience (UI/UX)
  • Supply chain administration
  • Managing real estate claims
  • From invoice to cash conversion
  • Credit risk control

8. ADP

With its corporate headquarters in New Jersey, Automatic Data Processing offers outsourcing solutions for payroll and human resources to businesses in the hotel, banking, healthcare, and other sectors. More than 130 nations, including India and the Philippines, are served by ADP.

More than 60,000 people work there.

American Campus Communities, ADT, and Comerica are significant clients.

Key BPO Services:

  • Payroll administration
  • Monetary services
  • Management of human resources

9. EXL Service

With its main office in New York, EXL is one of the top business process outsourcing companies of digital intelligence services. In nations like the United Kingdom, India, and the United States, it provides insurance, banking, healthcare, and logistical solutions.

Over 30,000 people work there.

Key BPO Services:

  • Accountancy and finance
  • Operations administration
  • Market analysis
  • Client analytics
  • Data management

10. Invensis

Small and medium-sized organizations can benefit from the efficient software, call center, and back-office services provided by Invensis. The business has several delivery locations located all around the world and has been in business since 2000.

Employees: over a thousand

Major customers include Sprint, KonnecTV, CBS Interactive, and Wyndham.

Key BPO Services:

  • E-commerce assistance
  • Software creation
  • Accountancy and finance
  • Data management and entry
  • Telephone service
  • Digital advertising

11. SunTec India

Digital solutions for marketing, e-commerce, and company data management are provided by SunTec India, a provider of IT outsourcing services. The organization, which has its headquarters in New Delhi, India, has a developing international footprint in more than 30 nations.

Employees: over a thousand

PepsiCo, Panasonic, Honda, and Bose are important customers.

Key BPO Services:

  • Entry and support of data
  • Services for SEO and content
  • Solutions for multichannel e-commerce
  • E-book creation
  • Image manipulation
  • App creation and cloud computing

12. Intetics

One of the leading BPO companies, Intetics is based in Florida. For companies in a variety of industries, including IT, healthcare, and education, it provides in-house software and mobile solutions.

Employees: over 700

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., Spreadshirt, and S&C Electric Company are significant clients.

Key BPO Services:

  • Software creation on demand
  • Business analytics and intelligence
  • Services for robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Customer service

13. Unity Communications

Unity Communications is an American BPO provider with headquarters in Arizona and offices in the Philippines and Costa Rica. It provides SMBs and corporations with business models, call center, and back-office workforce solutions.

Employees: over 500

AT&T, RingCentral, and Wireless Watchdogs are important clients.

Key BPO Services:

  • Customer service both inbound and outbound
  • Input of data
  • Alternatives for virtual assistants
  • Keeping books and doing accounting
  • Generating and qualifying leads
  • Telemarketing

14. Helpware

Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses may benefit from the customer experience and back-office assistance provided by Helpware. Helpware is a California-based company with branches in Mexico and the Philippines.

Employees: over 500

Google, Cisco, Zendesk, and Universal Music Group are significant clients.

Key BPO Services:

  • Technical assistance and billing
  • Automation and improvement of the workflow
  • Taking customer orders
  • Support for multichannel customers
  • Enter data
  • Content control

15. Plaxonic Technologies

Customer care and IT services are provided by the Indian BPO service provider Plaxonic Technologies. Plaxonic, which has its headquarters in Noida, India, also has operations in the US, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

200 or more employees

HerbalCart, WonkCoin, and Victory Tractor Implements are important clients.

Key BPO Services:

  • Multichannel customer support
  • E-commerce
  • Analytics of data
  • Services for a virtual assistant
  • Software and website development

16. Octopus Tech

Octopus Tech is a well-known supplier of call center and web design services to large corporations and small businesses. The organization, which has its headquarters in Haryana, India, also provides assistance with e-surveillance and virtual assistants.

Employees: 100 or more

Amazon, Avant, Goodyear, and The Trade Desk are significant clients.

Key BPO Services:

  • SEO and website design
  • Telemarketing
  • Enter data
  • Processing for law
  • Customer onboarding and acquisition
  • Services for medical transcribing

17. Vserve

Vserve is a top supplier of eCommerce solutions and services for managing product catalogs. It provides SMBs and large eCommerce clients with services for improving product data, providing customer assistance, and managing back-office operations. The business has more than ten years of expertise and a solid track record of serving customers in the US, the UK, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Vserve, which is based in New York, also maintains offices there.

400+ workers are employed.

Major customers include Christmas.com, Jet.com, Graybar, Global Industrial, etc.

Key BPO Services:

  • Management of e-commerce product data and catalogs
  • Improvement of e-commerce product data
  • Data input services for products
  • Development of online stores Customer service for online stores
  • Management of product images and digital assets in e-commerce
  • Ecommerce promotion

18. Maximus

One of the best and most reputable business process outsourcing companies in India is Maximus. With best-in-class service options in customer support, next-generation back-office assistance, tech support, physical and virtual commerce, knowledge management, chatbots, and annotation services, among other areas, we provide our clients with unrivaled efficiency and unsurpassed performance.

4000+ employees are employed.

Samsung, Tata Steel, Airtel, Swiggy, and Vodafone are major customers.

Key BPO Services:

  • Management of the customer’s lifetime
  • Back-office assistance
  • Revenue increase
  • Support for AIOps Phygital
  • Cataloging and content
  • Image caption

19. 1840 & Company

A multinational BPO provider with offices in the Philippines, India, Ukraine, South Africa, and Argentina, 1840 & Company is based in Kansas. They are the ideal alternative for outsourcing business/sales development, call center operations, IT, and back-office services since they are thoughtfully dispersed throughout four continents.

More than 600 people work there.

Important customers include LearnZillion, Instacart, Groupon, and Instacart.

Key BPO Services:

  • Increasing sales and/or business
  • Back-office personnel
  • IT and software development
  • Phone center
  • Consumer assistance
  • Technical assistance
  • Hiring procedure outsourced

22 Other BPO Companies To Choose Frombpo companies


Here is a thorough list of 20 other BPO companies you might want to think about outsourcing to:


A company that offers call centers and telemarketing services in the US.


Global outsourcing firm for software development.

IQ BackOffice

A well-known outsourcing company for accounting and human resources.

Flatworld Solutions

Call center, accounting, transcribing, and data entry services are provided by a well-known BPO provider.


A BPO service provider established in the US that offers call centers, healthcare, and accountancy services.

Fusion BPO Services

A top supplier of outsourcing services for call centers across several channels.

Data Entry Outsourced

A renowned data input and management BPO company from India.

Magellan Solutions

A client services business established in the Philippines.

Premier BPO

International provider of back-office services.

Outsource Services India

A data entry and digital marketing service company from India.

Acelerar Technologies

A top  BPO provider of back-office services and virtual assistants.

KMC Solutions

Supplier of payroll administration and staffing based in the Philippines.

WNS Global Services

An international supplier of corporate analytics solutions and legal services.

GroupOne Health Source

A well-known company in the healthcare sector that offers customer service and medical transcription services.


A BPO provider with a focus on legal support services such as document reviews and case evaluations.

The Contact Company

An outsourcing company for customer support established in the UK.


A reputable BPO offering services from a virtual receptionist.


A BPO supplier of customer service and back-office services.


Popular BPO service provider for virtual assistants.


Manages the revenue cycle for healthcare providers.


Provides live chat, phone, and social media support with highly trained agents available 24/7/365 to assist your consumers.


150+ real estate agencies may work effectively because of the structure and organization provided by the Australian business STAFFLINK.

How to Choose a BPO Company

Here is a brief guide on how to pick the best BPO provider:

1. Choose Your Selection Criteria

Choosing the evaluation criteria is the first step in selecting the best BPO provider.

You can consider many factors while judging BPO businesses, including:

  • Area of Expertise – the industry domain of the BPO firm.
  • Their Services – what services they offer.
  • Employee Strength – the number of employees in the firm.
  • List of Clients – who their major clients are.
  • Pricing – what their rates are.

2. Shortlist Three-Five Companies

Begin by shortlisting the BPO providers who fulfill your assessment standards. Your selection of potential service providers should ideally consist of three to five options.

3. Assign Pilot Projects

You may give each of your BPO providers a pilot project once you’ve narrowed down your list of candidates. This enables you to judge the service provider’s suitability for the responsibilities you’ll be assigning them if you engage them.

4. Evaluate The BPO Companies

Now you may compare the performance of BPO companies based on factors like:

  • Output quality
  • Time needed to complete the job.
  • Capacity to adjust to unforeseen project changes.

bpo companies

How To Manage Your BPO Provider

The inability of an outsourcer to oversee the personnel of your BPO provider is a significant drawback of outsourcing your business.

Your outsourced employees would often be located hundreds of kilometers away.

You can’t reasonably commute back and forth each day to check on the status of your job, am I right?

Due to this, you might not be able to confirm things like whether your BPO provider is solely working on your duties while paying you, as opposed to invoicing you for time spent on the projects of their other clients.

If their estimates are correct and your projects really did take that long to finish, if the employees of your BPO provider are passing the time by viewing cat videos while you are being charged.


Finding the ideal BPO service provider is simple. Although hundreds of businesses in the BPO sector exist the fact that there are hundreds of businesses in the BPO sector, you may start by looking at the 41 we’ve provided below to reduce your possibilities. You’ll be OK if you carefully review the four procedures we provided when selecting a BPO supplier!

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