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Flexible and effective solution

Flexible and effective solution

As an Agile software development company, BiPlus provides clients better products and faster time to the market with cost effective investment options.
full service

Full service

We bring clients comprehensive solutions including system analysis, design, development, investment plan, operation support and training, migration/ integration services.
reliable partner

Reliable partner

With extensive experience in software development and IT management, we analyze and understand all client’s needs and problems to bring the best solution and deliver quality product.

What We Provide​​

BiPlus offers full services to clients for the whole cycle of designing, developing, operating the information system, software development, managing and improving performance effectiveness of IT teams.
what we provide
custom software development

  Custom Software Development

By mastering technology and deep understanding of industries, BiPlus can help clients develop any software requirements from ideas to operating software or develop new features for legacy software systems. We apply Agile development, project management and Agile payment to bring clients the most flexible, cost-effective and low-risk investment for their projects.

software prototyping   Software Prototyping

When you’re kicking off a new and exciting software project for your business, it’s essential that you can quickly launch a prototype to realize, evaluate and estimate efforts in order to make feasible and effective project planning. With our extensive experience in Agile software development and our lean production management system, BiPlus can help clients analyze business needs, design products and build prototypes. On that basis, we can propose clients product design and functions, product roadmap, investment plan and project implementation that fit clients’ target and resources.
software prototyping
Software Product Development

Software Product Development  Software Product Development

At BiPlus, we help turn your ideas into reality. Our elite team of business analysts, project managers, and engineers will guide you through the entire software product development process. We have substantial experience building custom software solutions and a deep understanding of how businesses work, making us your perfect development partner.

Dedicated Development Teams

We provide dedicated development teams on demands of clients about techstacks, industries, experience and project time to various projects to build software on-budget and on-time. When you hire a Dedicated Development team, you’ll have the power to build a software solution tailored to your unique business needs

devops automation   DevOps Automation

Our DevOps engineers and experts will cooperate with the IT development and operation teams of clients to analyze, consult and help them implement DevOps automation quickly. Our DevOps solutions and applications are suitable for both serverless and packaged applications. We apply all open sources and commercial DevOps tools to automate and evaluate performance for all the CI/CD Pipeline of clients
devops automation

Business Process outsourcing (BPO)   Business Process outsourcing (BPO)

Our BPO services provide our clients with flexible, simple and cost-effective solutions to offshore/nearshore outsource some of their business processes with an aim to quickly approach the market, roll-out projects and reduce investment costs. BiPlus have handled various business processes like business development, recruitment and human resources management, office and administrative operation, training…

   Consulting & Training

With our strength in organizing process and tools for software development and management, our experience in development and operation large IT systems such as telecommunication, banking and sales, BiPlus consult and provide training services to help our clients build and implement solutions and initiatives to manage and optimize their software development and operation flexibly, simply and effectively
consulting training

Atlassian Products

BiPlus offers full services to clients for the whole cycle of designing, developing, operating the information system, software development, managing and improving performance effectiveness of IT teams.
atlassian products

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Our team includes of engineers that are experienced, knowledgeable and have deep expertise to ensure the best project results for customers in different industries.

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