Best SaaS Management Software For 2023

Best SaaS Management Software For 2023

The process of administering, controlling, and safeguarding SaaS management software within an organization is known as SaaS operations management, or SaaSOps. SaaSOps solutions are intended to provide enterprises with more control and insight over their SaaS portfolios. These solutions provide a centralized location for software administrators to manage user and team access, licensing and expenditure, IT processes, integration integrity, data and access security, policy adherence, and SaaS-related process automation, among other things.

SaaSOps solutions must link with a wide range of SaaS products and provide automation features (e.g., automated permission assignment by role during onboarding) for any connected solutions. These products can also have functional references to SaaS management tools by providing visibility into SaaS consumption and fiscal value; they also have some compelling parallels to software asset management in terms of solution management. Additionally, SaaSOps solutions can perform some activities comparable to security tools, particularly in terms of access management. SaaSOps systems, on the other hand, are intended to serve as fully visible, multi-functional central command centers for all SaaS management, governance, and security requirements.saas management software

SaaS Management Platforms Overview

SaaS management tools assist firms in proactively identifying and managing all SaaS apps utilized in their operations. They offer a single point of contact for monitoring and reporting on the SaaS sprawl that has become the standard, particularly among organizations.

SaaS management solutions typically serve as a centralized system of record for which SaaS apps are used throughout a business, with tools for proactively or automatically determining which applications are in use. Apart from this capability, SaaS management system frequently focuses on either the expenditure or the operations of SaaS applications, with many vendors extending to handle both.

License management, contract renewal management, and SaaS budget visibility and reporting are common components of SaaS expenditure management. Administering user access restrictions for SaaS programs, as well as monitoring SaaS onboarding, adoption, and offboarding, are all part of SaaS operations management.

To be considered for inclusion in the SaaSOps category, a product must: 

  • Offer visibility across a company’s whole portfolio of SaaS products.
  • Enable administrators to regulate individual user and team access.
  • Oversee the integration of solutions and adherence to policies.
  • Create security and privacy policies for SaaS access and usage.
  • Offer SaaS administration process automation capabilities.

Top 25 SaaS management software

Apptio Cloudability

Apptio Cloudability is a cloud cost management and optimization application that helps IT, finance, and business teams save costs while communicating the commercial value of the cloud. Cloudability is designed to help organizations implement cloud financial management – the process of bringing financial responsibility to the cloud’s scalable, changeable, and distributed characteristics.


BetterCloud is a SaaS Management Platform (SMP) that assists IT professionals in discovering, managing, and securing cloud applications.

Teams Manager for Microsoft Teams

The vendor positions Teams Manager as an easy-to-use tool for structure and governance in Microsoft Teams. Teams Manager assists businesses in preventing uncontrolled expansion in Microsoft Teams while allowing users to request new teams.

Genuity – GoGenuity.com

Genuity is a Technology Business Management platform designed to empower teams to spend smarter and optimize the value of every dollar a business spends, from managing assets, vendor spends, use, and contracts to strategic sourcing and spend analysis.


ShareGate, based in Montreal, provides adoption, administration, and cost management solutions for Sharepoint, Microsoft Office 365, and Azure.


NachoNacho is a SaasS operations management software that helps organizations to manage, find, and receive monthly discounts on SaaS, as well as save time searching for SaaS.


Blissfully is an all-inclusive SaaS management software. It promises to provide businesses with the information and capabilities they need to manage suppliers, streamline IT processes, ensure compliance, and optimize spending.

AvePoint DocAve

AvePoint’s DocAve Software Platform allows customers to back up, manage, and migrate SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, and file shares. The DocAve Software Platform allows for centralized or delegated control of one or more SharePoint environments.

Certero for Cloud

Certero for Cloud is a cloud asset management program that provides a complete view of cloud applications and is intended to improve cloud asset utilization and decrease waste. Certero for Cloud includes two modules for managing key Cloud IaaS/PaaS

Ampliphae SaaSGuard

Ampliphae, based in Belfast, seeks to provide IT Management with an easy-to-deploy, comprehensive, and economical cloud discovery and management platform, allowing customers to monitor cloud usage to reduce risks, maximize business impact, and maintain compliance. Their SaaS Management Platform is called SaaSGuard. ..

Riverbed SaaS Accelerator

Riverbed’s cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) acceleration solution is designed to assure constant SaaS application performance for anybody, everywhere, regardless of distance. SaaS Accelerator, a fundamental component of the Riverbed Application Performance Platform, provides corporate acceleration and performance measurement…


BHub is a back-office SaaS management tool that provides startup management with reports, KPIs, financial papers, and invoices.


BetterCloud is the industry leader in SaaS Operations, empowering IT professionals to enhance employee experiences, increase operational efficiency, and centralize data protection.


Torii is the market leader in SaaS management software, enabling organizations such as Instacart, Palo Alto Networks, Delivery Hero, Payoneer, and Hired to find and manage their SaaS ecosystem.


Zluri enables business IT professionals to identify, manage and optimize SaaS applications, as well as protect and automate them, all from a single dashboard.


Sonar provides Change Intelligence to help you through any Salesforce transition, large or small. Sonar enables operations teams to safely deploy new processes to go-to-market teams, resulting in greater success and less concern.


Vendr is revolutionizing the way businesses locate, acquire, and manage SaaS. Vendr’s SaaS buying platform is the first of its type, offering both a product and a people-powered service to enable the world’s fastest-growing firms to purchase software rapidly and with guaranteed savings.


The Productiv SaaS IntelligenceTM platform is more than a SaaS management tool; it provides IT, procurement, finance, and business leaders with reliable data to proactively control, optimize expenditure, and improve operational efficiency across SaaS applications.


Zylo SaaS management software helps businesses organize, optimize, and orchestrate SaaS. Zylo has more than 30 million SaaS subscriptions and $25 billion in SaaS expenditure under management than any other vendor.

Product Fruits

Product Fruits is a user onboarding tool for web-based apps that requires no coding. It enables you to both onboard new employees and teaches existing new skills.


Gmail is the world’s first all-in-one workplace. From your mailbox, you can help clients, manage projects, and finish sales.


Keepit is a data protection SaaS management software firm that specializes in cloud data backup and recovery for all SaaS apps.


The subscription platform is designed for mobile applications. With only a few lines of code, you can generate, evaluate, and grow subscriptions on iOS, Android, and the web.

Conecta Suite

Google Workspace users should avoid sending emails after hours. Regulate employees based on their time and location. Easy with just a few mouse clicks.

Atlantic.net Cloud Platform

G3.2GB Windows or Linux Cloud Server, 50 GB of Secure Block Storage & Snapshots, DNS, API, and More are free for one year.

saas management software


There are numerous major advantages to using SaaS management tools. Many firms will save money by identifying and reducing superfluous or wasteful SaaS spending, such as numerous business units utilizing various collaboration or web conferencing packages at the same time. It also makes staff onboarding and offboarding more efficient. The former helps new workers to spend less time onboarding, while the latter reduces security threats when an employee quits the organization. Improved visibility into the business’s SaaS ecosystem, particularly shadow IT, provides further security benefits.

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