Offshore Software Development: Detail Guidelines From A-Z

Offshore Software Development: Detail Guidelines From A-Z

Offshore software development for technological and financial reasons is a legitimate corporate decision given the industry’s rapid growth. You may avoid the difficulty of finding and empowering talented workers by offshore a variety of software development duties, and you can also make sure that you receive the highest-quality software in the shortest amount of time. Let’s dive into our specific criteria to assist you determine whether outsourcing software development is the best decision for your company or not.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore Software Development is a sort of outsourcing in which you hire a third-party software supplier from a distant region. Then delegate the more sophisticated programming duties for your project to them. For example, suppose you are a corporation situated in the United States and you intend to outsource your project to a Vietnam offshore software company.

The primary reason why organizations choose offshore software outsourcing is the benefit of lower labor rates. It can save you a lot of time and money without affecting the project’s quality. It could be a solution to the restricted budget and human resources. However, before employing an offshore development team, you should consider several key negatives.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Most popular offshore software outsourcing services

Offshore outsourcing software development provides a wide range of tech-related services that can be outsourced, including mobile development, web development, UI/UX design, and so on. Let’s delve a little deeper.

Mobile app development 

There is no need to engage an in-house team, pay fees and sick days, purchase hardware and software, or pay office rent. Offshore software developers will create a cutting-edge solution for you without the need for additional equipment or office space.

Web development services

Outsourcing web development services gives your company a competitive advantage by providing a fully functioning web product. This package will improve your company’s online presence because the outsourced staff will do their best to design a versatile and modern website in the least amount of time.

UI/UX design

Keep in mind that you have a variety of options when it comes to outsourcing this service. All complex things will be made incredibly simple by the professional designers. As a result of your collaboration, you will have a user-friendly app interface or website. Furthermore, by handing your design creation to the vendor’s capable hands, you will be able to concentrate on other critical business matters.

QA services

To ensure that software solutions are bug-free, each app component must be thoroughly tested. Even the best offshore software developer can make mistakes, but they’ll become tired of writing test cases and double-checking every single detail. In this instance, outsourcing is an ideal way to keep your solutions at their peak without taxing your developers.

Additionally, you can contract out for software product security, data storage, and customer support. Even in the era of global pandemic restrictions, outsourcing has proven to be the best solution for all business issues because it allows for remote collaboration with an international team of offshore programmers.

Most popular offshore software outsourcing services

When should you find an offshore custom software development vendor?

Companies must integrate the newest IT technology into their operations and products if they want to remain competitive in a dynamic market. However, an offshore outsourcing software development business can assist you if you lack technical skills. What other circumstances lend themselves to outsourcing product development?

1. When your company is on a budget

For SMBs or startups with limited resources, hiring in-house software engineers is expensive. When considering whether to outsource the development of software, the cost of hiring qualified personnel is often a major consideration. You can work on your project with seasoned software developers while staying within your budget using the offshore development approach, which is a financially sound choice.

2. When your company needs flexibility

When working with offshore IT employees, you have the right to wait until contractual responsibilities are fulfilled. These obligations can be amended if all parties agree. This makes a lot more sense in comparison to hiring a full-time software development engineer for a short-term project. 

3. When you want to enhance the quality of your products

Quality and innovation should be a company’s core values. They help the business stand out from the competitors, give clients exceptional value for their money, and help it gain market share. The best time to look into employing offshore software developers is right now if you notice that the quality of your products and services is slipping.

There are more than three reasons to utilize offshore software engineering; we simply included the most prevalent ones. When you begin working with an offshore outsourcing team and realize how convenient it is, you might add something to this list. We’ll continue to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of offshore software outsourcing now.

7 Benefits of Offshore Software Development

Reasonable costs

The majority of offshore software development companies offer their clients flexible pricing and top-notch services. Staff size, technology stack used, experience, and length of collaboration may also have an impact on development expenses (as well as software development time). Additionally, many companies that offer offshore software development services work hard to provide their clients with the best conditions by providing them with extra perks. Additionally, it shows the software’s ideal value for money ratio.

The average hourly costs of the most well-liked locations for offshoring development are shown below.

Outsourcing regions Hourly wages for work (in US$/h)
⭐ Central Europe 25-100
⭐ Western Europe 50-200
⭐ North America 100-149
⭐ South America 35-70
⭐ Asia 20-45

Chance to work with qualified talents

Cooperation with a variety of technical professionals knowledgeable in necessary business disciplines is made possible by IT outsourcing. You can employ however many individuals you desire when you outsource. As a result, you can choose the best offshore developer (or a team) by taking into account different specialists from around the world who have a range of skills and expertise.

Through offshore software development outsourcing, you can gain access to a sizable pool of talented and knowledgeable software engineers who have years of experience creating software applications of high caliber and standards around the world. Additionally, the offshore partner is aware of the difficulties because they have worked on international custom software development projects for other clients.

Reduce time to market

Nobody anticipates the project falling behind schedule. The market’s intense competition would be the primary factor. Your market share decreases as your project takes longer to complete. The second one can be due to problems with cost. You will incur greater costs as the project progresses.

You can be certain that qualified individuals are working around the clock to provide high-quality software by allocating a dedicated development team for each project. You can not only finish your work more quickly, but you can also ensure that your product is sold sooner. You can also take advantage of innovation and creativity at every stage of the software lifecycle by working with an outside team that can provide fresh perspectives on how to improve your business processes.

Save time to concentrate on important business tasks

By using offshore software development, you can concentrate more on your primary business tasks without having to worry about overseeing the intricate and time-consuming software development process. It frees up your business to concentrate on its core competencies without having to worry about managing and running a software development department.

Business growth

Offshore software development lowers costs and shortens the time needed to develop software by giving businesses of all sizes access to the same qualified labor force. By freeing up time, you can focus on your core competencies and competitive advantages while pursuing long-term business growth.

Minimize building risks

Working with experts who specialize in outsourcing enables you to obtain a solid end result that has been timely reviewed and adjusted. Because of this, every offshore software development project comprises a project manager as well as a QA team that is in charge of debugging written code to make sure that a future product functions as intended.

Use latest technologies

Software development is a difficult process that involves many different duties, therefore in order for businesses to stay competitive, they must adopt the newest trends. Most offshore software development company either specialize in particular industries or employ technology stacks that are uncommon for in-house teams to be qualified for. Therefore, you might be able to work with a vendor’s company to hire a certified professional (or even a team) who has the necessary hard skill set. This could assist you in creating a cutting-edge product that will compete in the market.

The most recent of several new trends in offshore software development is:

  • Cloud computing: Cloud computing will be a crucial part of all the development, providing scalability and flexibility. As more organizations become aware of its potential and benefits, cloud computing is poised to become a way of life in order to fulfill the rising needs of businesses globally.
  • Automation: Automation will be crucial in decreasing the need for human work, which will lower the costs and risks of physical labor. Automation will benefit businesses searching for hassle-free software development services greatly because it will enable them to innovate, react quickly to changing company needs, acquire a competitive edge, and significantly lower administrative costs.
  • AI: AI is gaining traction so that testing and code quality improvement are the two most common uses. AI technology, including sophisticated machine learning, natural language processing, and business logic, will enable offshore software engineers to produce better software more quickly.

7 Benefits of Offshore Software Development

5 best practices to embrace Offshore Software Development

The following best practices may assist you in achieving your objectives if you are considering to offshore some of your software development:

  • Introduce your team to all of the overseas developers: When a significant portion of your software development is offshored, it is best for your team to introduce itself to the entire team, not just the offshore team lead. The secret to a great conclusion is solid cooperation with offshore developers.
  • Create small but highly talented teams: Insist on creating smaller, more skilled teams rather than a huge team of developers. A more advantageous result is produced when the team is smaller since visibility and communication are improved and team size is also decreased.
  • Have an onshore and offshore team head who works full-time: For effective communication of business priorities, a full-time onshore team head and a comparable offshore technical lead are required. The team leads can set up the essential coding standards and procedures, assist with technical problem-solving, evaluate code, and assist with offshore team mentoring and training.
  • Set up regular videoconferences between the onshore and offshore team leads: Effective communication and teamwork are essential for achieving project objectives. Set up daily status meetings, preferably by videoconference, to ensure that every issue is handled quickly and effectively.
  • Use the right software development tracking tools: Planning, monitoring, and releasing high-quality software that satisfies your company’s needs is crucial when outsourcing software development. You can efficiently schedule projects, distribute them equitably among teams, and prioritize work using software development tracking platforms. 

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Common challenges using Offshore Software Development

1. Discrepancies in time zones

The time zone difference is essential when working with offshore IT development personnel. Communication could be slower if your vendor and you are in separate time zones. Product development may also occasionally be put on hold if the company asks you for your opinion and consent in order to answer a crucial question.

2. Communication issues

This is one of the most typical issues with offshore custom software development, and there are a number of causes for it. Because of your vendor’s weak mastery of the English language, for instance, your communication may suffer. During the working process, you may need to take miscommunication into account. Your project may take longer to complete, cost you more time and money, and cause other major issues.

There are many other ways to communicate, including email, instant messaging, video calls, and online meetings. But occasionally, crucial guidelines and regulations are merely overlooked. Beyond that, there are instances where what you intend cannot be comprehended in its whole context.

As a result, you should invest more time in creating a strategy and process that will enable your development team to comprehend the related requirements and documents. To deal with it, choose an IT partner, evaluate their English proficiency beforehand, or have a private conversation with a company representative or team member.

3. Security

Given that dealing with offshore software businesses often involves sharing certain information, security data leakage is one of the most urgent concerns facing society today. You can solve the issue by getting in touch with a partner company and signing an NDA.

Additionally, find out if the vendor uses security tools like encryption, user privacy policies, and private data storage, as well as if their products abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

4. QA process

If you prefer quality to quantity, consider it right away. You should also participate actively in the software outsourcing workflow, showing up to all meetings to stay informed about the state of the company and understand the issues the team faces every day. Examine the skill set of your future team as well. Remember that both kinds of abilities are essential for the best possible development.

Common challenges using Offshore Software Development

Steps to start your offshore software development process

Before the offshore software development process begins, it’s time to think about what actions to follow and how to identify a reputable organization.

Step 1: Finish the work on your side

You would still have a lot to do as a stakeholder even if you were to delegate all technical tasks to an outsourced company to produce offshore software.

Research your intended audience 

Examine competing products to discover what extra features you can provide your audience to help them solve difficulties before seeking for an offshore vendor. If your project entails establishing an offshore website, you can investigate numerous areas of your rivals. You may learn, for instance, where their traffic comes from, what technologies they use, and how they scale. 

Obey the laws 

You must ensure that the product you intend to create complies with existing legislation if your industry needs it. It can be pertinent for programs that use private data or those that are connected to payments. If you’re creating a healthcare solution, for instance, you’ll need to ensure that your app complies with HIPAA regulations or the GDPR if your target market is located in Europe (oriented on the US market). If your app interacts with payment cards and systems, it needs to be PCI-DSS compliant as this standard helps prevent data breaches.

Determine what you need

Identifying your needs can help you decide which technologies and experts to use (e.g., designer, developer, etc.). If you’re unsure about something, ask your offshore software development business for advice.

It’s a good idea to finish this list before getting in touch with a company, or at the very least, give yourself some time to think after speaking with its representatives. You’ll be able to clearly identify your needs and set goals if you do this.

Set objectives

Without clear objectives, developers could not know what they are expected to do, which could make them feel restricted and reduce productivity. All of this increases project risk, lowers your company’s earnings, and degrades the caliber of offshore programming services. For your software project to be successful, your offshore workforce must be given clear, attainable targets.

Steps to start your offshore software development process

Step 2: Choose offshore software development outsourcing company

Check the references

What reliable offshore software development business can I work with? Where can I locate it? For more on previous projects or their overall experience, check out the company’s website. Case studies, recommendations, and blog posts are just a few examples. All the information could provide valuable insight into the company and its past.

Examine the rankings

Ranking will recommend the best outsourcing businesses in the location of your choice based on client reviews and other factors. You can choose businesses to work with based on traits like the types of development they offer (e.g., mobile development companies).

Secure your concept

Make certain that your concept is adequately protected. You can call a vendor to find out whether they have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). It’s critical if you have a unique app idea and want to ensure that it doesn’t leak anyplace.

offshore software development

As a result, offshore custom software development might provide a more direct approach to expanding your firm and capitalizing on the decade’s technical breakthroughs. Hopefully, this post has given you a better understanding of when to use offshore software development.

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