Top 30 Indispensible IAAS Providers in 2023

Top 30 Indispensible IAAS Providers in 2023

One of the levels of the cloud computing infrastructure is IAAS providers. Customers can use it to outsource IT infrastructures such as servers, networking, processing, storage, virtual machines, and other resources. Customers employ a pay-per-use mechanism to access these resources over the Internet.

Traditionally, IT infrastructure was rented out for a certain length of time with a predetermined hardware configuration. Regardless of actual use, the customer paid for configuration and time. Clients may dynamically scale the configuration to suit changing requirements with the support of the IaaS cloud computing platform layer, and they are only invoiced for the services that are used. The IaaS cloud computing platform layer removes the requirement for each enterprise to maintain its IT infrastructure. Check out the list of top IAAS providers to choose the most suitable platform for your aims.

What are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Providers?

iaas providers

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) refers to the different methods by which third-party providers supply enterprises with cloud-driven, cloud-hosted infrastructure. This infrastructure can take many forms, including (but not limited to) public clouds, virtual machines (VMs), bare metal servers, and high-performance computing equipment (HPC). Because of the tremendous variety of IaaS technologies, every organization or user within a business might profit from the use of IaaS.

Businesses adopt Infrastructure As A Service providers for a variety of reasons, the most frequent of which are convenience, ease of access, flexible scaling, and lower operating expenditure (OpEx) expenses. The latter two advantages are supported by cloud services’ pay-as-you-go nature; with IaaS, organizations only pay for what they use, reducing the huge upfront expenditures traditionally involved with acquiring infrastructure. Companies also don’t have to worry about infrastructure administration because IaaS leaves that to the cloud service provider (CSP). IaaS is eventually used to establish or enhance corporate capabilities, and it may be especially useful during periods of rapid expansion.

After deciding which IaaS technologies to use, the next major issue is integration capabilities, followed by how the infrastructure will be protected. Infrastructure As A Service business is useless to a company until it integrates with its current systems. Once integrated, the organization must appropriately safeguard any data and transactions that may pass via that infrastructure. The service user is responsible for IaaS security, not the CSP; however, many CSPs may provide appropriate security solutions for that infrastructure or embed basic security features into the service.

The cloud computing component of the “aaS” triad is infrastructure as a service (IaaS), developer-focused platform as a service (PaaS), and generalist software as a service (SaaS) (SaaS). A product must meet the following criteria to be considered for inclusion in the Infrastructure as a Service category:

  • Provide infrastructure hosted by a third party.
  • Allow companies to run computing, virtualization, storage, and/or other basic infrastructure requirements.
  • Use a pay-as-you-go or usage-based purchasing strategy.
  • Track and report live usage and performance.

Compare Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Providers

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) User Satisfaction

The top four variables that positively affect customer satisfaction for Infrastructure As A Service vendors are “Public Cloud”, “Has the product been a good business partner?”, “High-Performance Computing (HPC),” and “Edge Computing”. An algorithm identifies the qualities that are most likely to predict user happiness within this category to calculate these criteria.

Top 30 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Providersiaas providers

Amazon EC2

AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS – EC2) is one of the best IAAS providers in cloud computing that provides resizable compute capability. It is intended to make web-scale computing more accessible to developers. The simple web service interface of AWS EC2 allows you to obtain and configure capacity with minimal effort. It gives you complete control over your computing resources and allows you to run on Amazon’s proven computing infrastructure. AWS EC2 cuts the time it takes to get and run new server instances down to minutes, allowing you to swiftly scale capacity up and down as your computing needs change. AWS EC2 alters computing economics by allowing you to pay only for the capacity that you utilize. AWS EC2 gives developers the tools they need to create failure-resistant apps and protect themselves from typical failure situations.

Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine is an Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) platform that allows businesses to construct and manage cloud-based virtual machines. Compute Engine allows you to develop and operate large-scale applications on Google Cloud virtual machines. Get up and going quickly with pre-built and ready-to-use configurations, or build your machines with the right number of vCPU and RAM for your workload. You may construct and run virtual machines on Google’s infrastructure using this secure and customized computing solution. Compute Engine helps you to customize your infrastructure to your workload by providing custom machine types and established machine types. You are not tied to your decision.


DigitalOcean is an IAAS provider which provides cloud computing services to assist developers, startups, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in rapidly developing, deploying, and scaling applications to accelerate innovation and increase productivity and agility. To meet your growing needs, you can choose from a variety of IaaS, fully managed PaaS, Managed Databases, and container-based Kubernetes services. Customers can spend less time maintaining their infrastructure and more time creating creative apps that drive company success by combining the power of simplicity, community, open source, and customer support with DigitalOcean.

Azure Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Machines provides virtualization flexibility for a wide range of computing solutions, including development and testing, application execution, and extending your data center with support for Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM, and SAP.


Simplify your cloud infrastructure with our Linux virtual machines and robust set of tools for faster and easier development, deployment, and scaling of modern applications. Linode believes that virtual computing must become more accessible, affordable, and simple to accelerate cloud innovation. Our infrastructure-as-a-service platform, which is powered by our Next Generation Network, innovative APIs, comprehensive services, and extensive library of educational resources, is deployed across 11 global markets from our data centers around the world. Linode products, services, and people make it easier and more cost-effective for developers and businesses to build, deploy, and scale applications in the cloud.


MicroHost is one of the popular IAAS companies designed to simplify difficult cloud challenges. Customers may deploy cloud resources with minimal latency at MicroHost’s 7+ datacenters. They service over 9500 clients, including Exotel, Ameyo, MyOperator, Yatra, Honeywell, and others. MicroHost Cloud is India’s first cloud platform, offering to compute and storage services similar to Linode and Digitalocean.


Vultr is on a mission to make high-performance cloud computing simple, inexpensive, and locally available to companies and developers worldwide. Vultr is a developer favorite, having serviced over 1.5 million clients in 185 countries with flexible, scalable, global cloud computing, cloud GPU, bare metal, and cloud storage solutions. Vultr, founded by David Aninowsky and bootstrapped, has grown to become one of the world’s largest cloud computing platforms without ever seeking equity capital. More information may be found at www.vultr.com.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data is remarkable in the list of IT infrastructure platform vendors with fully integrated data and AI platform that modernizes how organizations gather, manage, and analyze data, laying the groundwork for incorporating AI across their company. This unified platform, which runs on Red Hat OpenShift and is available on any cloud, assists businesses in automating the end-to-end AI lifecycle. IBM Cloud Pak for Data’s intelligent data fabric enables automated distributed queries at scale without data movement; automated discovery and understanding of business-ready data; automated universal privacy and usage policies across the data ecosystem; and optimized model training, accuracy, and explainability.

The platform meets the following use cases:

  • Data accessibility and availability – Remove data silos and simplify your data environment to enable faster, more cost-effective value extraction from your data.
  • Data quality and governance – Implement governance systems and techniques to supply reliable business data.
  • Data privacy and security – Fully comprehend and handle sensitive data with an all-encompassing privacy framework.
  • ModelOps – Scale AI deployments by automating the AI lifecycle and synchronizing application and model pipelines.
  • AI governance – With features like explainable AI, model risk management, and bias detection, you can ensure your AI is transparent, compliant, and trustworthy.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) for Financial Operations – Automate and integrate planning throughout your firm, from financial planning and analysis to personnel planning, sales forecasting, and supply chain planning.
  • Artificial intelligence for customer service – Reduce time to resolution, reduce call volume, and boost customer satisfaction. IBM Watson Assistant (WA) may give AI-powered automated support and help human agents manage inquiries more effectively. IBM Watson Discovery (WD) works in tandem with Watson Assistant to extract insights from complicated business material.

Virtual Machine Manager 

Virtual Machine Manager enables you to operate numerous virtual machines (VMs) on your NAS, recover a VM using snapshot technology, and distribute IT resources among many VMs.


OVHcloud is a worldwide player and one of the top European managed IAAS providers, managing 400,000 servers across four continents from its own 32 data centers. For more than 20 years, the Group has relied on an integrated strategy that gives us complete control over our value chain, from building servers to operating data centers to orchestrating our fiber-optic network. This one-of-a-kind methodology enables OVHcloud to address the whole range of use cases for our 1.6 million clients in 140 countries. OVHcloud now provides customers with cutting-edge solutions that combine high performance, predictable pricing, and complete data sovereignty to enable their unrestricted growth.

Alibaba Elastic Compute Service 

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) offers fast memory and the most recent Intel CPUs to assist you in powering your cloud applications and achieving quicker outcomes with low latency. Anti-DDoS protection is included with all ECS instances to protect your data and applications from DDoS and Trojan attacks.

Orange Business Services

A wide range of conferencing options is available. Audio is available worldwide and can be seamlessly linked with our voice service. Reservations or operator help are not necessary, and you may get started quickly (within 24 hours) with pay-as-you-go pricing (no set-up costs or capital outlay). web-based conferencing When cooperation requires more than simply talking, our high-quality web conferencing solution provides a shared workplace. Intuitive features allow you to exchange presentations and information for training, sales meetings, and so on. A meeting may be joined with a single click from an email invitation. You can simply check who is speaking and who is joining the online video. We provide an easy-to-use, interactive, and on-demand video meeting solution to link you with colleagues, partners, and suppliers all over the world when visual engagement is necessary. Our solution works with a wide range of video equipment from prominent manufacturers and across all network types. Importantly, we ensure user satisfaction by allowing them to focus on the topic rather than the technology.

Azure Linux Virtual Machines

Azure Linux Virtual Machines is popular in the top list of IAAS providers which can quickly and easily install your favorite open-source, community-driven software. The platform provides a wide range of services and tools to developers for the development and deployment of applications, as well as a worldwide network of data centers that satisfy high availability and data residency requirements. Furthermore, Azure’s integration with data and AI technologies can assist organizations in gaining insights from their data and driving business growth.


IONOS cloud is a subsidiary of IONOS, one of Europe’s leading IAAS providers of cloud infrastructure, cloud services, and hosting services. IONOS cloud has everything needed for success in and with the cloud, including Compute Engine, Managed Kubernetes, S3 Object Storage, and VMware-powered Private Cloud. IONOS cloud, the European cloud alternative, is the only cloud provider with a patented technological stack.

NetApp HCI

NetApp’s enterprise-scale hyper-converged infrastructure solution will transform your IT infrastructure. To reliably install NetApp HCI across your whole data center, run several apps with guaranteed performance.


HostWinds IAAS provider offers solid cloud solutions at a reasonable price. Since our inception in 2010, our major concern has been to provide the finest customer service and goods to our global hosting clients. Our experienced help is accessible to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we promise a 99.9999% uptime. Customers of HostWinds may be certain that their hosting is in capable hands.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) is a secure, versatile, and straightforward Linux server platform that enables developers and administrators to deliver mission-critical workloads on-premises, in the cloud, and at the edge. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a flexible operating system that is geared for speed, security, and dependability. Security – Promoting a safe supply chain Advanced supply chain security and secret computing can help you stay ahead of threats. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is highly certified and compliant. Agility – Transitioning to a cloud-native world Increase developer agility with technologies designed to boost productivity. This contains an ever-expanding library of Base Container Images as well as KubeVirt for Kubernetes-based VM management. Resilience entails experimenting with cutting-edge gear. From cutting-edge hardware to the public cloud, innovate everywhere. This includes cloud developments such as Microsoft Azure’s support for Arm64 server instances, chipset innovations such as NVIDIA’s open GPU kernel module, and hardware platforms from Dell, Fujitsu, and HPE.

IBM Cloud Virtual Server 

IBM Cloud virtual server environments provide cloud-native solutions that may be deployed in public, private, or hybrid clouds. With some customizable provisioning and pricing choices, including single and multi-tenant setups, hourly and monthly pricing, reserved capacity periods, and spot billing, you can get the cost reductions, control, and visibility you need. Its elastic architecture, globally distributed data centers, and premium services strive to bring data to life regardless of its location.

Alibaba E-HPC

Alibaba Cloud Elastic High Performance Computing (E-HPC) is a full-service public cloud IAAS provider. E-HPC delivers a fast, elastic, and secure cloud computing platform that links Alibaba Cloud products for private users, education and research institutes, and public entities.

Alibaba Elastic GPU Service

The Elastic GPU Service (EGS) is a GPU-based computing service that is suited for deep learning, video processing, scientific computing, and visualization. AMD FirePro S7150, NVIDIA Tesla M40, NVIDIA Tesla P100, NVIDIA Tesla P4, and NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs are used in EGS systems.


Netrepid IAAS provider offers colocation, infrastructure, and application hosting services that are meant to accelerate your technology while keeping prices manageable and related to business demands. With our infrastructure hosting, you can operate with the simplicity and efficiency of a firm twice your size, regardless of the scale of your activities. You just pay for the resources you use, making this a cost-effective and scalable option for enterprises of all sizes. Our infrastructure hosting also ensures that your most critical business resources are safeguarded by a system significantly more secure than your office door lock. Our solutions can assist you in meeting security standards, redundancy requirements, and regulatory requirements at a fraction of the expense of replicating the same infrastructure in-house.

VMware vCloud Air

vCloud Air is particularly developed to fulfill company demands and provide a secure, hybrid cloud experience. vCloud Air has served industry-leading customers from its inception as they adopt an on-premise and externally-hosted hybrid cloud environment. With scalable, adaptable OVH offerings, businesses of any size may solve Disaster Recovery, Data Center Extension, Data Center Replacement, and more.

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

The IBM Cloud PakTM for Applications delivers a full and uniform experience to accelerate the creation of Kubernetes-based applications utilizing agile DevOps procedures. With IBM’s integrated tools, you can simply upgrade your existing apps and build new cloud-native applications for deployment on any cloud.


OpenStack IAAS provider software manages vast pools of computing, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center via a dashboard or the OpenStack API. OpenStack is suited for heterogeneous infrastructure because it integrates with popular business and open-source technologies.

Rackspace Technology

Rackspace Technology specializes in multi-cloud solutions. To create end-to-end solutions, we combine our knowledge with the world’s best technologies in applications, data, and security. We have a track record of advising customers based on their business concerns, devising scalable solutions, constructing and managing those systems, and maximizing future returns. We provide revolutionary cloud capabilities to help companies generate new income streams, boost efficiency, and create exceptional experiences as a global, multi-cloud technology services pioneer. We attract and develop world-class personnel to provide the finest knowledge to our clients, and we have been named a top place to work year after year by Fortune, Forbes, and Glassdoor. Everything we do is infused with our obsession with our client’s success – our Fanatical ExperienceTM — so they can work quicker, smarter, and ahead of the curve.

Apache CloudStack

Apache CloudStack is open-source IAAS provider software that enables the deployment and management of massive networks of virtual machines on scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platforms.


We use the OpenNebula platform to create and manage VM instances and Kubernetes clusters. It creates a common environment for both VMs and K8 sets, allowing us to see both workloads in a single pane of glass. It also oversees the orchestration of the cluster’s front-end master nodes and its infrastructure needs.

Its knowledge base necessitates concentration due to the numerous complexities associated with working with K8 clusters. It would be fantastic if you could provide additional information about its features and best practices so that we can swiftly use its platform. Aside from that, we are pleased with the OpenNebula platform’s offerings for VM deployments and cluster administration.

Kronos Cloud

Host1Plus IAAS provider offers dependable cloud computing and networking solutions. Kronos worked quite smoothly with our primary HR ERP, allowing us to access data from both systems for decision-making. The switch to Kronos also decreased our reliance on spreadsheets for data maintenance, which was both time intensive and mistake prone.

Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets

The number of VM instances that execute your application is automatically increased or decreased when the Azure virtual machine scale is set. This automatic and elastic behavior eliminates the management overhead required to monitor and optimize your application’s performance.


Hivelocity IAAS provider was formed in 2002 by a few people with a mission: to build an amazing company focused solely on hosting. Starting with a single rack of servers in the archetypal basement, our objective was to create a hosting firm that not only supported but also promoted client development. Hivelocity has evolved from a single rack of servers in a basement to running 38 world-class data centers in 36 locations across four continents by focusing our efforts on our clients’ requirements and success. Tens of thousands of dedicated servers, virtualized servers, and private cloud solutions are now maintained and managed by us. Each of our data centers is SSAE-16 SOC1 and SOC2 certified, and we also offer HIPAA and PCI compliant services. Hivelocity is a privately held company that employs over 100 of the industry’s brightest technicians, engineers, and programmers.

Conclusioniaas providers

After you’ve chosen the best cloud service provider for your purposes, deploying and administering your apps will be easier. As time passes, new technologies emerge, bringing with them fresh updates and fixes. With reputable IaaS providers, managing your server with the most recent updates and ensuring that your server setup is in sync with your application is not a problem.

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